Bitcoin Resources
All of these websites have been helpful to me and I would recommend them to anyone interested in bitcoin regardless of their experience level

There are many active crypto communities on the messaging app telegram so I would recommend to download it.

Websites: (altcoins/margin trading)
bittrex (altcoins)
bitstamp (bitcoin) EU
quadriga (bitcoin/eth) Canada (bitcoin/altcoin charting)
bitcoinwisdom(bitcoin/altcoin charting)
coinjar(bitcoin)Australia (altcoin information) (network statistics) (cryptocurrency stats) (query the bitcoin blockchain)
cointelegraph(bitcoin news/media)
coindesk(bitcoin news/media) news/media) (find best fees)
coinatmradar(find bitcoin atms) place for resources)
bitcoinwiki(all things bitcoin related) (traders community/ see Trading for info on trading crypto) (find bitcoin accepting business)


Debit Cards/Cold Storage/Hardware/Cool stuff (bitcoin debitcard/vault/buy bitcoin) (cold storage device) (bitcoin node, support the network!!!) (bitcoin computer/dev)

Twitter is another great resource for bitcoin as the community is quite active on there. You can check my lists for accounts I find valuable/follow

Instagram: follow coinpals and browse the following for any accounts that I find interesting or cool. Ill continue to add there and feel free to suggest any you may find.

If you find other resources you think are valuable please let me know so I can add them here for other people to enjoy.


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