Buy/Sell Bitcoin🎢

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If you are buying bitcoin for the first time, you will need to first download a wallet to store your bitcoins. Mobile wallets are the easiest to use but there is a security trade off. Most phones are not completely secure and therefore it is best to keep your bitcoins in cold storage. A hardware wallet is recommended.

On Android/Iphone I would recommend: Mycelium and Samurai(To be Released)

On PC/MAC I would recommend: Electrum

Once you have downloaded and installed your wallet you will need to backup your private key. This will normally be displayed as a mnemonic or series of words. You MUST WRITE THIS DOWN somewhere that isn’t your computer or phone. That way your bitcoins will be safe even if you lose your device. It is also recommended that you encrypt your wallet with a secure password.



In Canada:
Coinbase(USA as well)
In Europe: Kraken
1. LocalBitcoins
2. ATM

For large orders (OTC) or questions about buying and selling please contact me on telegram: @therealninza or by email: