Bitcoin is an exciting new world of opportunities for both individuals and businesses alike. I am are here to help guide you as you get started in this fascinating new ecosystem. Coinpals is meant to be a trusted and friendly source for all your coin needs. The site will act as a record of my experiences and a source of knowledge for others to learn from and contribute to.

Bitcoin is a win win. The economic incentives are perfectly aligned to facilitate the onboarding of new users and with them, new exciting knowledge and contributions. Bitcoin is also an open source ecosystem for creation, transfer, and storage of value across the internet. Anyone, anywhere, at anytime can use bitcoin regardless of their age, sex/gender, nationality, language etc. This is a truly open and free network for individuals to participate in and create whatever value they can by using it. I am here to help you discover what benefits bitcoin may hold for you or your business.

This site will be continuously updated with new resources, current events type blog posts, jokes and memes and generally awesome crypto stuff.

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